Hummer H1 Wagon

Most women buy shoes and handbags.

I wanted an H-1 the day they first offered them with a year’s waiting list.

Waiting for the right color, price, the right amount of miles, and a sale location I could drive to for viewing and actually drive one was the criteria. After owning an H-2 for 12 years; I was used to driving a tank.

When I arrived at the dealership in a dress and heels to test it I was amused to see an eye roll from the floor manager.

He gave me a 22-year-old child salesperson who had never ridden in any kind of  Hummer.

The sales child was gripping anything he could in anticipation of me trying to drive this beast of a vehicle.

My heart was pounding. I also knew this vehicle was going home with me.

After a bit of negotiation, I bought what the garden crew at McClendon’s call:

The Bad Ass Garden Truck.

Yes, it is a noisy diesel and has been towed on numerous occasions and not that comfortable but I believe it is one of the most beautiful vehicles ever made.