The Green House Experiment

My neighbor’s greenhouse had not been used in around 10 years.

I asked if I could clean it up and then determine if I needed yet another project to add to my list.

I admit; during the winter I fantasized about bringing that lonely greenhouse some joy.

He agreed to my plan. Some kind of weed tree had grown to over 6 feet tall all by itself in the middle of it. GONE. It looked pretty good after it was cleaned up. That was last year….

Through the winter I imagined the smell of soil and the greenery of plants. Add some soft piano music to that fantasy.

At the end of this summer, I finally got going on this project. Found some great lighting online with moveable arms. I added the ferns from my deck that are usually replaced each spring. Brought in soil, a lime plant, and Chris’s avocado seeds. Add something that blooms and something that smells divine. By now we had determined we needed Lettuce, tomatoes, and Basil. Done..

Will they grow? Well; It is an experiment…

You are not going to film a murder movie in this greenhouse but perhaps a photo shoot for G and B garden soil.