How It Works For Location Providers

The Good, Bad and the OMG stuff

The Good:

The good news is this can be lucrative. We are testing as we go along so for most of you we are only offering your exteriors so we can all get a feel for how this really works. We want you to understand how a film or photo shoot works. I had a commercial done just in my yard. It paid well.
They were short an extra so they paid me for that as well.
Typically a location scout will come to look at your property. If it is a big film he will report back and a small crew will come to do the planning. I do not believe in charging for these visits. Let them do their due diligence.
A little tip. Do not be “chatty”.
These people are paying you for the use of your house and they are on a deadline.
Be available but not interactive.
I personally enjoyed the experience except for missing my nap.
They brought their own TP. I offer a basement bathroom. If you choose not to offer a bathroom and they really want your house they will bring in a porta potty depending on the size of the project.
They did a first-rate clean-up job before leaving and everyone was great to work with.
I cruised around online and found that one family got a brand new deck courtesy of a Home Depot commercial so don’t think you need to do a remodel before offering your home. Many times they repaint the outside and add specific landscaping on bigger projects. They will put everything back exactly as you had it if you want them to.
They have set people whose entire job is furniture placement. They may move yours out and bring theirs in.
If you are renting out your commercial space they will pay you for lost income and wages for the day.
That is a lot of buzz for your business you would have to spend thousands on. It can literally put you on the map.
You can rent out your house 14 days a year without paying income tax. That can easily be an extra 14,000
per year depending on the project. Sweet!
It can increase the value of your house when you sell it. Realtors love to go on and on about this added value.

The Bad:

It can be a 12-14 hour day.
It is intrusive. There are cables and people and stuff everywhere.
We can designate how many people you are comfortable having on your site.
The bigger the fuss the more they pay. Often times they will have an additional setup in a parking lot close to the site. The food trucks will arrive there at lunch and they can bring equipment back and forth.
The OMG:
There are a couple of sites out there that tell you they will give you an insurance policy.
If you read thru it you will find it says “after your homeowner’s policy has been depleted”.
YIKES. I called Amica where I have my house insurance and they do not cover this kind of event. Event insurance is not set up for this either. So what are they offering here…
Don’t worry.
The reality is the production company will handle the insurance and name each specific property. 1-2M liability and property damage. Stuff happens. They are also responsible for getting any permits your city might require.
They also need to carry workman’s comp insurance for everyone on the set. If the star falls out your upstairs window the company is responsible; not you.
Our job is to make sure they provide you with insurance. Your job is to look it over and make sure you understand it. We have not gone to insurance school and we admit it.
Do we want an adult film done in our house? That would be a firm no for me.
We will weed out the nasty and neighborhood nuisance films before we contact you.
I have a no-smoking policy for my home and yard. You can let us know your preference and let the company know as well.