How It Works For Location Creatives

I have labeled my images on the Vintage Lake house for a reason.

If you are doing a photo shoot and just want the Fish Shed or garden it will be less costly than using the entire property. We’ll be able to work with your specific needs. Want to do a shot just using the Iron gates and one of the props?

You can call it; Locations A La Carte.

Our property owners will also be on board with specific ideas and budgets.

You can contact us and let us know what property or prop you are interested in or let us know your needs and we’ll get to work. If the property owner is agreeable to the project we’ll set you up to do a walk thru at no charge.

If you need a type of property not currently shown; we’ll use our contacts to see if we can find you what you need.

Once you have a signed Location Release we’ll get you in the system and handle the payment.

Once you book a location: Just provide the property owner with an insurance binder 48 hours before the shoot so they have time to read it.